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Why Should I Learn French?

Learning French will make it possible to speak to French speaking people in their native tongue – impressing them and helping you to understand them much more than having the words translated. Knowing French will greatly enhance your enjoyment while traveling in all of Europe as well as France. 

Cultural understanding
Speaking French will help you get to know the people of the many French speaking countries, and will give you much more knowledge and insight into their culture and way of life. Also, when you speak French, you can enjoy French literature, film, and music as it was intended. It is impossible for a translation to be a perfect representation of the original dialogue. 

Business and careers
Speaking French which will step-up your marketability. Businesses prefer applicants who speak one or more foreign languages. 

Language enhancement
Learning French can help you to understand English. It is said that 60% of English comes from French. So learning French will teach you more about English vocabulary and even English grammar. Alexander Dumas, the great French author, commented that English is just French badly pronounced. 

Improve all education
It has been shown that educational scores increase when students learn a foreign language. Studying French can help you increase your problem-solving skills, enhance your memory, and help you develop self-discipline.

Last, but not least:  Learning French helps to stave off “age-related” mental decay, and will keep you young, engaged, and active. It will make your life better.



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