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The Best Consulting Advice for Travel to France

About Your Consultant
Catherine Thorpe is a native Parisian born just a block away from Sacre Couer. She has a graduate degree in English from the Sorbonne University so she speaks perfect English and you can understand her every word. She was a tour director to France for 20 years. She knows the country and the culture and will give you the best advice and booking information for an authentic French experience.



Catherine knows how to find the best accommodations  She can tell you about hotels that meet her high standards of quality, convenient location, and good service. However, she is conscious of cost and tries to balance cost and quality. She knows about clean, and homey places that are comfortable and located in the best scenic areas.


Customized Itineraries
Catherine's customized consulting is specially designed for the individual or group, and is unique to each consultation. She shares a mixture of sightseeing, cultural experiences, and free time which takes you into the heart of France with an authentic French ambience, You will know about locations that are picturesque but not so touristy. Her itineraries will show you the highlights and the extraordinary off-the-beaten-path places few tourists see. Her customized itineraries can include sight seeing, scenic excursions, museum visits. and may even include musical performances or area specialties. Because her patrons usually travel in rented cars, Catherine often gives the options to stop along the way to see special historic sites or small villages in between the planned places on the itinerary. 

"One of the highlights of our trip was the personal interaction with Catherine and her genuine interest in our desires. She made France come alive for us. This is the best trip to Europe I have ever been on."
B. Hargreaves

"We want to thank Catherine for one of the best trips abroad we've ever had. We marveled at how well she organized everything, including places that would be of interest to each person."
-- M. Murphy & C. Hale

"I felt like I was seeing the France I had always envisioned. The itinerary was nicely arranged, and kept us going so we didn't waste time. Catherine's careful attention to details made the trip enjoyable and comfortable."
-- N. Nitchman

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